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The Highlands

The debut EP by UndaSkore, industrialized but relaxed vibes to take you to the Highlands.

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The finale to the 1st EP trilogy, are you prepared to feel both extremes of the Spectrum?

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The Shadow Realm

The journey continues. Deep, down and dark, enter the Shadow Realm.

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I’m currently working on creating merchandising with the UndaSkore Music branding, check back soon!

Who Am I?

First and foremost, I’m a musician at heart. Music manages to make its way into every thought I have and every decision I make somehow, and this is what led me to first want to make and release music. After several years though I also realised that educating people about the power of music and stories was also a passion of mine, and that’s what led me to creating this website.

I’m known for being full of ideas but generally I procrastinate and find myself torn between different creative outlets (music, writing, videos etc). This is why feedback will always be appreciated, in any form, to help focus my path and ensure the best content is created.